HAMA Stazione barometrica elettronica “EWS-800” nera/silver


Hama Stazione barometrica Elettronica EWS-800 Nera/Silver

Hama Stazione barometrica Elettronica EWS-800 Nera/Silver Rating:
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Wouldn't it be Nice to be Able to Predict the Weather?You look out the window in the morning and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day so you slip on a summery outfit along with your sunglasses and start walking to work. Disaster strikes! Half way there those dreaded huge black clouds roll in and the rain start pouring down leaving you drenched with no umbrella. Typical!Be Prepared to Brave the Elements with HamaThe Hama EWS-800 Professional Weather Station can help to prevent frustrating moments like these by providing you with accurate, up-to-date measurements of the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure wherever the sensor is mounted to give you an indication of the daily weather conditions and help you to be prepared for what lies ahead.Consisting of 2 separate parts, the weather station contains a wireless outdoor sensor with a range of up to 100m that can be either mounted on the outside wall of your home or other building or left freestanding to provide precise, continuous data about external conditions in the local area, all fed back to the base station which you position inside.That's All in the Past...In addition to measuring the weather at that exact point in time the sensor is capable of storing past readings for certain conditions, such as the min/max indoor and outdoor temperature, min/max air humidity. Atmospheric pressure over the last 24 hours is also shown in a simple bar display, allowing trends to picked out and comparisons to be made without complicated meteorological knowledge.The EWS-800 can be used by everyone to help predict and gain a better understanding of the weather, there is no need to be an expert. Both the outdoor sensor (showing temperature and atmospheric pressure) and indoor base station (showing data for all conditions) feature clear displays laid out in a simple and easy to read fashion so the measurements for certain conditions can easily be picked out or all can be viewed together


  • Stazione stazione di monitoraggio in due parti, composto da una base e un sensore wireless outdoor
  • Misure della temperatura, pressione dell' aria e umidità nonché con DCF orologio e calendario
  • Sensore esterno con display (temperatura/pressione atmosferica) può essere montato a parete o free standing (100 m gamma)
  • Min/max memoria dati
  • Display retroilluminato Display

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