NBVCX Tester per Parti di macchinari Set di flaconi misurini Vintage Strumenti Alcolometro Misuratore di Alcol Misuratore di concentrazione del Vino 0-50/0-100 densimetro 13 cm


2.Inject the wine to be tested into the alcohol meter, and after instilling it from the bottom, invert it, and head down. At this time, the position at which the liquor stops is observed.
1.Made of glass material for a clearer look.
3.When the temperature is 20 degrees, the measurement is more accurate.
4.If you measure a higher alcohol, you can dilute the wine by a time or two times, then multiply the number by 2 or 4, which is the alcohol level.
5.Note: The liquor to be tested should be clear and free of impurities.
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